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Good afternoon... I am bringing back #TEAMFRESH for promo purposes mainly. If you wanna join you must have/create a Facebook acct ..a Instagram acct and a Twitter acct. ..

<<< your profile should have>>>

.. #1 your Name. #2 #TeamFresh

#3 website (Www.respeckmyfresh.com )& #4 Instagram handle (@gofreshyaself)

#5 Twitter handle (@gofreshyaself)


THE F.R.E.S.H LINE # +17328608579

Team members will all be entitled to promo gear as well as 30% off anything from #FCC that is unless you just wanna be down because you believe in my vision.😉 lol

your only requirement will be to retweet all #FCC POSTS & ANything you're tagged in thats #FCC Related(TWITTER)

repost to your story or page

(instagram & facebook) this may also help you in the future as we all become entrepreneurs. Your brand /products will already have a popping promotion chain to share your vision in return We give-we get back... Of you're interested in being apart of #TeamFresh please create the needed pages and then reply with (💯)

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