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From Halsey, New Jersey to Blakesville Brooklyn, New York, the streets pound the concrete with reflections of a night that Tariq will never forget. When his back's against the wall, Tariq witnesses the cold hands of deceit and betrayal confront trust and loyalty with a series of events that almost cost him everything-including his life! In the face of drugs, sex, violence and crime, everybody's a suspect in this gritty, raw tale of urban drama- and the suspense of Tariq's next move through each chapter, with each character is intense. Flashbacks of Tariq's past adds realistic elements of complexity along with plot twists of how street life can stir the echoes of the most prominent question-"Who can he trust?" And for Tariq, the answer is as serious as LIFE OR DEATH!

Concrete Reflectionz (Soft Cover) - Autographed Copy

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